This regulation establishes the guidelines and procedures for the operation of the MAYAPAN, S.L. Ethical/Complaint Channel, designed to promote a safe and ethical work environment and allow employees and stakeholders to submit complaints of inappropriate or illegal behavior in a confidential manner.


The Complaints Channel has the following objectives:

• Promote a culture of integrity, ethics and compliance within MAYAPAN, S.L.
• Provide employees and stakeholders with a safe and confidential means to make good faith complaints.
• Prevent and address inappropriate or illegal behavior in the organization.

Management of the Complaint Channel

The Complaints Channel will be administered by the Data Protection Delegate of MAYAPAN, S.L. Their responsibility includes:
• Receiving and registering all complaints submitted through the channel.
• Ensuring the confidentiality of the complainants and the information provided.
• Coordinating investigations of the complaints and ensuring that they are conducted fairly and transparently. • Informing senior management of the progress and results of the investigations.

Presentation of Complaints

Complainants can file complaints of inappropriate or illegal behavior in the following ways:
1. By email to:
2. In writing, addressed to the Data Protection Delegate, at the address CALLE CANONIGO MANUEL I PENALVA, 2., 03013 – ALICANTE.

All complaints must include the following information:
• Specific details of the complaint.
• Information about people involved.
• Relevant evidence or evidence, if available.
• The identification of the complainant is optional and will be kept confidential if provided.

Confidentiality and Protection of the Whistleblower

MAYAPAN, S.L. commits to protect the identity of whistleblowers and to maintain the confidentiality of complaints.

Investigation of Complaints

All complaints will be investigated fairly and transparently. The Data Protection Officer will coordinate the investigations and take appropriate measures to address any inappropriate behavior.

Reports and Follow-up

MAYAPAN, S.L. will maintain a record of all complaints received and actions taken as a result of investigations. Follow-up reports will be provided to senior management.

Legal Protection

This regulation does not exclude the possibility of MAYAPAN, S.L. taking appropriate legal action in response to substantiated allegations of illegal behavior.

Review and Update

This regulation will be reviewed periodically and updated as necessary to ensure its effectiveness.


If you have any questions or concerns related to the Complaints Channel, please contact the Data Protection Officer via email at